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Engineering Services

DEAFWORKS offers several finest engineering services for the client who serves in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, as well as outsiders, too. We offer NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) on all engineering services with the clients:

Design engineering: - $100.00 (per hourly rate) plus $1,000.00 initial upfront start-up and required expenses fees.

Once you give us your conception (idea), then we do the rest such as: Designing from scratch (drawing board) to prototyping (evaluation) to finished product (working unit and ready for demo market). Patenting and Marketing are your full responsibilties. However, we do offer additional consulting fees for Patenting and Marketing. The average time of "Conception-to-Market" on small product is 2-3 months and may be even less, depending on the nature of complication.

We have excellent in-house sources of:
  • Extensive analog and digital engineering library
  • Computerized programming emulator and simulator workstation
  • Equipment (tools) to build prototyping unit
  • Printed Circuit Board Design

Also, excellent relationships with:
  • Electronic parts suppliers
  • PCB fabricators
  • Custom Plastic Molder manufacturers
  • Domestic and overseas production facilties
  • University engineering networks

Reverse-engineering: - $120.00 (per hourly rate) plus $1,000.00 initial upfront start-up fees.

A product that you would like to obtain a complete schematics, firmware codes (discription of each purpose), and BOM (Bill of Materials with parts supplier lists). We also do cracking and hacking codes on any software programs. All you have to do is to give us the product sample and we'll do the rest. This service is an ideal to create a repair service manual when the manufacturer has gone out of business or became non-responsive. Other suggestion of using this service to help you to manufacture (copy-cat) of their products to be reproduced or enhanced. The average time is 2-3 months and may be even less, depending on the nature of complication.

Consulting engineering: - $150.00 (per hourly rate) plus required set-up fees.

Your actual research and development (R & D) or "prototype" product that you would like for us to do the various stages:

  • Beta test: Running your product to see if it does passes the quality assurance test performance.
  • Detail analysis test: Checking your product to see if the device can live up with our expectations in the long run.
  • Create a design modification & recommendation for better performance and efficency: This is an increased cost ($165.00/per hour) if we find any design "flaws" descripancies in your product and we design a working modified device to improve your product.
  • Value-added design: This is an increased cost ($165.00/per hour) if we can improve your design into fewer or lesser parts count for the same function performance. Hence, lower production cost and higher profit on your end.

Contract engineering: - $negotiable

We have strong background and extensive experiences on these specialized fields. We do offer short or long term contract design engineering at your company site:

  • Electronics (analog, digital, and power)
  • Lasers (entertainment and military)
  • Firmware Programming (Assembly, Hex, and HC05)
  • Software Programming (DOS, Basic, and Visual Basic)
  • Printed Circuit Board Design (Designing PCBs)
  • Geographic Information System (Utilizing GIS mapping tools)
  • Webpage Programming (HTML and JAVA)

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