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Repair Services

DEAFWORKS offers repairs of variety adaptive & assistive devices and equipment for the deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. All repairs cover
with 90 days warranty on parts and labor:

TTY Repair - $45.00 (service flat rate) plus parts and shipping:

Due to the nature of obsolete technology, parts may be not available. Check with us if we can repair your unit. Please provide the name of manufacturer, unit name, model number, and serial number when contacting us.

TTY Security: - $25.00 (service flat rate) plus parts and shipping:

Worry about theft? Borrowed from your asscociates and they don't know which units is really yours? Record the serial number is not always effective. The label is easy to be swamped. An easy and quick identification by showing right in front of the TTY display screen. For example: When you first receive the TTY from someone else, the screen is usually shows, "READY". Is "READY" your real name? Of course not, the cops or associates will not believe you!

To stop the snafu, send your TTY unit to us and we'll program the custom name (up to 20 Characteristics) for $25.00, plus EPROM chip parts and shipping. If you send us non-working unit without our knowledge, a charge of $45.00 plus parts will be added. A $25.00 programming fee as compared to a minimum loss of $400 value TTY unit is your call.

Closed Captioned Decoder Repair: - $45.00 (service flat rate) plus parts and shipping:

We only repair two types of decoders:

  • CC #1 - "first & oldest"
  • CC #2 - "second & with remote control"
Sorry, we don't repair lemon units such as: CC #3000 and CC #4000 units due to their kludgy and flaws in design!

Other repair service:

If you have a product that needs to be repaired and is not listed as above, please send your repair inquiry to us to see if we could repair it or not.

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TTY: (801) 465-1957
FAX: (801) 465-1958
Internet: www.deafworks.com
E-mail: info@deafworks.com

Hours: 9:00AM-6:00PM (Mountain Time - MST)
Monday through Friday

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