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Technical Manuals

DEAFWORKS offers all different kind of brands of adaptive & assistive device technical manuals (schematics and some contains theory of operation). Each product manual is $75.00. Or, buy the whole product technical manual in a 6" book-binder (approx. 35 different products) for a special rate of $1,500.00 (valued at $2,250.00+).

The technical manuals are excellent for technical students who are in training to become repair technicians. The manuals are great for any repair shops who couldn't obtain from elsewhere. Some of the manuals are "hard-to-obtain", but we were able to provide you the stuffs you were looking or searching for them in months or even years! To make your life easier, DEAFWORKS may be your last stop!

Contact us for the latest technical manual availability.

What's more, we sells parts for various equipment. You need to be a working self-knowledge in electronics before you can do the repairs. We, unfortunately, cannot give out repair advice on how you can repair equipment due to liability reason.

Contact us for parts replacement availability. Be sure to include the make, model, exact part number, and its description.

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