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This eFLASHER IV unit is designed to alert the user (PC or MAC) when they are too far from the monitor, working on the desk while can't see the "ring-flashing" monitor, cannot hear the speaker's sound, or monitor is turned off for saving electricity power. With the eFLASHER IV unit, the user will not miss any new incoming "e-mail/TTY/Video" computer sound signal calls such as "You've got mail" from the e-mail programs or any other internet-related programs such as AOL (i.e. AIM), ICQ, IP-Relay, etc.

Other music or regular sounds from the computer will not make the eFLASHER IV unit to flash! Absolutely no flashing at all!

eFLASHER IV units come with a special switch feature. The switch contains a "soft flashing" mode which turns the light on and off slowly and gently for those who have the "sudden light flashing syndrome" (so-called in medical name of Petit Mal Epilepsy) to prevent seizures.

eFLASHER IV unit is great for X-10 users. With the proper connection, it will transmit to any remote wireless lamp receivers. The advantage of using X-10 is that the user can walk around any rooms in the house or office without missing any internet calls!

eFLASHER IV unit does not come with the additional X-10 doorbell and telephone transmitter feature. Consider it as a "Plain" ("simple X-10") box.   If you need the X-10 doorbell and telephone transmitter feature as a "Loaded" ("all-in-one") box, click here to use eFLASHER III.   But, if you don't want to run long wires to connect to eFLASHER III, what you can do is order eFLASHER IV unit and then, order X-10 Combo System which it comes with X-10 doorbell and telephone transmitters seperately. Click here for more information about X-10 Combo System.

eFLASHER IV unit is ideal for every deaf computer & Networking client users!

  • 3 flashes per computer sound call signal received
  • "Soft/Norm" flashing switch feature
  • X-10 Wireless feature
  • Biege in color
  • 2.0" x 5.0" x 7.0" in size
  • Featherlight weight unit
  • Installation Manual is included
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Price is $109.95 + $8.50 P & H
  • Stock# EFL400  Order Now!

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