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About TheOne Signalers

DEAFWORKS is pleased to introduce a brand new product line for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers, the TheOne light notification signalers.

TheOne is a low-cost, just one unit -- stand-alone ("single") type. TheOne is designed for user who wants to have a very basic and very simple "hard-wired" set up for doorbell and/or telephone light notification signaller in the small office or small apartment studio. Just plug TheOne unit and do the little easy set up. Then, that's it!

The nicest thing about TheOne is that it comes with a "Soft/Norm" flashing switch feature. The switch contains a "soft flashing" mode which turns the light on and off slowly and gently for those who have the "sudden light flashing syndrome" (so-called in medical name of Petit Mal Epilepsy) to prevent seizures.

If you wish to have a wireless system instead of "hard-wired", please click here.

  • DOORBELL - $69.95 + $8.50 P & H:  For doorbell light

              Chime version:
              Stock# THO100  Order Now!

              Non-Chime version:
              Stock# THO101  Order Now!

              Intercom version:
              Stock# THO102  Order Now!

  • TELEPHONE - $69.95 + $8.50 P & H:  For telephone light

    Stock# THO200  Order Now!

  • COMBO - $89.95 + $8.50 P & H:  For doorbell & telephone light

              Chime version:
              Stock# THO400  Order Now!

              Non-Chime version:
              Stock# THO401  Order Now!

              Intercom version:
              Stock# THO402  Order Now!

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