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Troubleshooting on X-10

DEAFWORKS Tech Support is pleased to help you with the basic general troubleshooting on your X-10 system problems. Please do the test for your X-10 system as follows:

For TRANSMITTER (on all models):
  1. Unplug the the Doorbell flasher transmitter and let it cool for 5 minutes. Then, plug it back.
  2. Press "ALL LIGHTS ON" and "ALL LIGHTS OFF" buttons on the transmitter to see if the receiver lights are working in other rooms. See below photo for clarity where are the buttons.

    X-10 Wireless XMTR TEST image

  3. If the LED red light does blink on the transmitter, there is nothing wrong with the transmitter itself.
  4. If the LED red light showed "dimmed" (or "glow") on the transmitter, it is dead and cannot be repaired. Please order a new X-10 transmitter replacement here.

  1. NOTE: 99.99% of the time, the receiver RARELY fails.
  2. If the receiver lights does NOT flash, check for its bulb (i.e. burn out).
  3. Make sure that you are using incandescent bulb type like this:

    Incandscent Bulb image Energy Bulb image
    Incandescent bulb
    Energy-saver bulb (NO!)

  4. If the bulb is still working, check for its receiver's matching channel with the transmitter (i.e. "A" to "A").
  5. If the receiver's lights and matching channel are fine and STILL not flashing, unplug all appliances (TV, VCR, Computers, etc). Unplug all power strips, too.
    NOTE: Below three photo identifications of several power strips (which it can be also mistakenly called as "surge suppressors"):

    Power Strips image Wall-mounted image
    Wall-mounted (6 outlets)
    Surge Suppressors image
    Super Surge Suppressors

  6. Press "ALL LIGHTS ON" and "ALL LIGHTS OFF" button on the transmitter to see if the receivers lights are working.
  7. After the receiver lights are known to be working fine, plug one appliance or power strip to the wall at a time.
  8. Do it again on Steps #5 and #6 until you notice an appliance or power strip that blocks (or doesn't send) the X-10 signals. Remove that appliance or power strip. Then, don't use it anymore.

  1. Do the above steps of TRANSMITTER (all models) and RECEIVER.
  2. For VP-200, make sure that the "Do Not Disturb" icon in the Status Bar area on the monitor screen is turned off (disappear) by pressing "No Calls" button:

    Do Not Disturb icon ON image Do Not Disturb icon OFF image
    "Do Not Disturb" icon
    (turned on)
    "Do Not Disturb" icon
    (turned off)
    No Calls remote control image
    "No Calls" button

  3. Test call back by dialing on the VP-100 unit to (801) 287-9400. Note: Dialing call back via I.P. address will not work. For VP-200, have someone to test call you back.
  4. Verify that the receiver lights are working.

For any reasons that the receiver still do not flash at all, please let us know by e-mail to for further advanced troubleshooting tips.

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