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Each of the TTYSCREENER units are true automatic inbound call (voice or TTY) screener detection. It is being placed in your home or office. After the 3rd ring, it sends out a baudot message saying "PLEASE TAP SPACE BAR THREE TIMES NOW GA." If the TTY caller correctly presses the space bar, TTYSCREENER will routes and rings up to your telephone lights. If it does not find the space bar signal, it will routes and switches to a voice recording, explaining to the novice hearing caller to use the voice relay to reach you. The TTYSCREENER gives peace of mind about your telephone hassle problems! The TTYSCREENER technology was invented and engineered by DEAFWORKS .

There are alot of reason why you may need TTYSCREENER. Here are the few examples:
  • This is for those who have an answering machine with printer. Do you love to see your paper rolls run out fast because of printed (dashed line by dashed line) from too many voice callers?

  • When the phone light flashes, do you have full confidence that it is a 100% guaranteed from a TTY caller?

  • When you pick up the phone after the ring and learn that it is a voice call, do you like to manually press the TTY's keyboard buttons to activate the "voice synthesizer" to the caller while missing out on your most important part of the game or movie?

  • If you have a Caller ID, do you enjoy calling them back and learn that nobody at that number knows who called you?

If you answered "NO" to all, you are desperately in need of a TTYSCREENER. To decide which model you should use, please go and click to the TS HELP GUIDE button.

There are 14 different models to choose from:

Still confusing of which TTYSCREENER model you should use? If so, click here or use above TS HELP GUIDE button.

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