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DEAFWORKS offers 5 ways to place your order as follows:

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All products come in ONE year warranty (parts and labor) and 30 days return allowance.

All price indications are in U.S.A. Funds (USD).

If you are ordering to repair your equipment, please ship your unit to below address. Click here for more information about repairs.

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TTY Trainers
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 TRN200  TRAINER 2000  Click here to link for a double-check to see if it is the right kind of product for your needs  Trainer device for 2 acoustic
 TRN201  TRAINER 2000 D/C  Click here to link for a double-check to see if it is the right kind of product for your needs  Trainer device for 2 D/C TTYs  $89.00
 TRN400  TRAINER 4000 D/C  Click here to link for a double-check to see if it is the right kind of product for your needs  Trainer device for 4 D/C TTYs  $99.00

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