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Order Online! Security Explanation

After you press the Submit button, your name and credit card number will automatically translate into gibbish format (so-called, unknown secret language) and send it off over the internet. Here is a basic example:

Let's say that you have entered your name as: John Doe

After you pressed the Submit button, the gibbish format will look like this: d906Q9z

The gibbish format is what DEAFWORKS will receive it from you. Only DEAFWORKS has the secret "key" to reverse it. After the secret "key" is used, it will look like this: John Doe.

Amazing, eh?

The computer hackers would think that there was a problem with your internet browser. They wouldn't waste their time to analyze your gibbished messages!

DEAFWORKS gave a big thanks to a genuis webmaster who was able to share with you of how the clever programming technique possible for securing your information without using an expensive secured website to keep your cost lower!

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