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Equipment Donations

DEAFWORKS do not accept any equipment for donations due to several reasons such as unable to upkeep with them. However, DEAFWORKS offers several donation referrals where you can send any equipment to the nearest place to save your postages.

Your equipment can be either broken or working under any conditions that you will not use it in the future. Most equipment will be use for a good cause such as displaying at the museum, show at the various deaf-related events, give away to the unfortunate deaf people (if the equipment is in good condition and working), and so forth.

Some of the below listings are certified for tax write-off donations under non-profit organization status (IRS code-503c):
  • ATTN: Harry Gibbens, Sr.
    P.O. Box 1614
    South Gate, CA     90280-1614
    TTY: (310) 631-8831
    FAX: (310) 631-7036
    E-mail: harrysr@juno.com

P.O.Box 1265
Provo, UT 84603-1265

USA VOICE RELAY: (800) 855-2881
UTAH VOICE RELAY: (888) 735-5906
TTY: (801) 465-1957
FAX: (801) 465-1958
Internet: www.deafworks.com
E-mail: info@deafworks.com

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